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Live, Laugh, Love, Learn

With spring time comes new life, a new season, and with this new season this mom aspires to be a supermom by remembering the four pillars of life that she has carried through good and bad with her, to live, laugh, love and learn.  Unfortunately one of two of them have had their share of ups and downs, especially recently. But I have done some "spring cleaning" emotionally and mentally and I am ready to feature all of them equally in my life now.

Live for every moment and all the moments to come.  Enjoy the moment that you daughter puts her hand into yours while walking into school because she may not do it for very much longer.  Prepare for the worst, but always live for and expect the best of every tomorrow.

Laugh at the bad, and the sad.  Laughter can make the tears go away.  But it's more than laughter, it's happiness at your place in life and how you are living it. It's the smile on your face as you go to sleep every night.

Learn from your mistakes.  Learn from your experiences.  Learning brings about change, and no matter how painful the change may be it often brings with it the hope for a better tomorrow as well as the ability to deal with whatever life may "throw" your way.  Look at each day, experience and opportunity as a chance to learn about the people and the world that surrounds you. 

Love.  That one is pretty simple.  But more important than simply loving is to let those around you know that they are loved, unconditionally and that they are important to you.  Take an opportunity to say it and show it because after it's all said and done, actions speak louder than words.

So, L is not only my "Letter for the Day for the A to Z Blogging Challenge"  but it's actually a letter that I hope to live by a little more consistently.


Karen B April 14, 2011 at 5:06 PM  

Great post and a good reminder for everyone to just live to the fullest and cherish the simple things. I have 4 kids and they grew up way too fast. I miss the cuddling.

Anonymous,  April 14, 2011 at 8:07 PM  

You're one very smart mom! :O)

My “L” post is right here:

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