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R is for return on investment in kindness

New clothing - new to us that is!
Return on investment - seem's like a strange topic to find on a mommy blog doesn't it.  But in this post think of the phrase "return on investment" as similar to the words "pay it forward" or "what goes around comes around," or "you reap what you so" - it's all the same thing depending on your beliefs. Today I received a really amazing gift, what some may call a blessing.

Just a couple of weeks ago I decided to donate all the clothing, toys and books my daughters had outgrown to a local charity. Usually I either give them away or sell them but this was decided to be one of our charity projects for the month (each month we choose a charity to contribute to in some way time, talents or money)

Today while leaving my daughter's school a mother told me what a beautiful blouse I was wearing and where did I get it.  We exchanged quick tips for saving money on clothing and since both had a place to be exchanged information to get back in touch, because she wanted to learn more about writing online.  As we seperated she called out, "I was getting ready to drop all these clothes off at KCM, but if you can take a minute and look them over you are welcome to take whatever you like."  Now, I have four children total, and two just a year apart.  Clothing can get expensive so sure I was interested in taking a look.  I walked away with a whole bag of clothing some fit one daughter and some the other.  I was thrilled! With summer approaching I won't have as much time to work, and there are other expenses like college students returning home from school this is a huge savings. 

It is possible to have a "return on your investment," no matter what that investment may be. Maybe it's in a new friendship. Maybe it's in doing something nice for someone with no other motives that to be kind.  Whatever it is, the best part of this particular type of return on investment was that it was totally and completely unexpected and I didn't do what I did hoping to get anything out of it either.

Consider these investments in kindness
Pick up the tab for the car behind you in the drive thru lane (this happened to me and I get a cute little card with a saying for the day on it) 
Let a car out
Hold the door for someone
Hand a coupon to the next person in line behind you (I love doing this at the store people are always so surprised - and thrilled!)

It takes very little to touch someone's life and brighten their day.  What ways do you invest in kindness?

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