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S is for Super Stupid Silly Mistake

So here I was trying too hard to be "supermom."  The kids were in the car, we are driving home from Spring break and I am doing the driving during this leg of an almost 1200 long car trip.  Of course the husband wants to talk (after all we are in the same place at the same time) and the kids need some attention every few minutes as they fight over their toys, coloring books, Leapsters and movies. Did I mention this was the FINAL leg of our journey from Texas to Florida and back again?

Moving on to my super stupid silly mistake.  Driving along with plenty of distractions (and yes my X post is most probably going to be X is for eXcuses since I seem to be full of them) we encounter a section of LA where first it's 60 then it's 70 then it's 60 mph.  Sure, I am trying to keep up with this, as well as keep up with the traffic and all the other things that a mom is doing while driving.  A State Highway patrolman comes up behind me lights and sirens.

My first thought, "What me?"

Apparently it was, somewhere along the way I had lost track of the up again and down again speed limit.

Super, silly, super stupid mistake.  Afraid my charming personality didn't get me off my first ticket in over 20 years (yes I am that old) and after calling in to find out what the fine was the only other word that came to mind was another s word -- S**T!

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KBalbify April 30, 2011 at 8:47 AM  

Oops! I used to have a heavy foot but as I get older, I am going slower.

Theresa Wiza April 30, 2011 at 10:39 AM  

My driver's ed teacher always called me "lead foot," but I learned to slow down as I got older. In your situation, I think it was the road's fault. California set it up that way to catch unsuspecting motorists. It was a trap! ;) My A-Z Challenge blog posts:

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