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T is for Toilets, Tickets and Tuition

One very expensive month of toilets, tickets and tuition.

First there was the ticket - now that was an experience and an expense I really don't want to relieve.

Then there was the toilet.  You know that awful groaning sound that toilets make with they need "rebuilt" or as I so delicately put it new "guts."  Well out upstairs bathroom had been making that noise for some time but we ignored it. After all hardly anyone uses that bathroom anyway.  The other night I found that someone HAD used it and forgot to flush (yes small children in the house) and after hearing the GROOOANN that this toilet made that night I worried about further damages if we put this home repair off any longer.  Next day the plumber is here to tell me yes, we need a rebuild AND a new emergency shut off valve.  Apparently the toilet was running all the time, but since it's upstairs we didn't really notice.  This was an expense that needless to say simply wasn't anticipated, (one repair yes and I was actually almost perfectly correct in my estimate of how much that repair would be but TWO repairs?)

Last but not least there is tuition.  My youngest begins her new school next year, and for some odd reason they want one month's tuition delivered by May 5th or we lose her spot.  The thing is, this is a really terrific transition program for children that are not old enough to enter kindergarten, but that have already completed a Pre-K program.  Since I home schooled the preschool years, she is already ahead of the game and needs the additional challenges that this program brings.

So there we go, toilets, tickets and tuition.  The fun just never ends for supermoms (and dads too)!

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Theresa Wiza April 30, 2011 at 1:42 PM  

My toilet makes that sound sometimes too. But it has been making that for quite a while and it still works. I thought it was just getting tired of flushing ;) Please find my latest A-Z Challenge here:

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