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Y is for the Yellow Room

In honor of the Y post, our background is the color yellow. . .  

Are you one of those parents who have been there done that?  That no matter what exactly your child may try to pull over on you, you most probably have already done it bigger and better than they ever imagined?  While it's not obvious (everyone always said how "perfect" I was) there are plenty of things that I have done that yes, at some point I may even have to share with my children, in order to make a point. The yellow room is one of them.

Once upon a time I went to an extremely strict private school. As a middle school teen I fought attending this school tooth and nail.  I wanted to go to school with my friends and neighbors.  But the decision was made. 

One day, a friend stole a stack of hall passes out of a teacher's desk.  As the one in the group that had the best handwriting, I became the signer of the hall passes.  Filled out, different teacher's names scrawled across each of the 7 passes and 2 hours later we were all in the bomb shelter (a very old building) hanging out and even a couple "making out" in the back of the shelter.  

Tap, tap tap, someone is walking in the basement and of course being stupid teenagers we all said "Shhh" which of course is the worst thing you can do.  BUSTED!! 

Divide and conquer, good cop bad cop the principal and counselor tried to get use to say who stole the passes and who signed the passes.  Some of us hung tough, others not so much.  I was one of the "tough ones."  For my efforts I got three days in school suspension.  Reporting for suspension I sit by myself for three straight days in a yellow room. Empty of books or other forms of entertainment my first day is spent sleeping and writing my report (why do they always do this) on why what I did was wrong, ala "Breakfast Club" fame.  

Being a social creature, three days in a yellow room was enough to teach me two things. 
  1. For many years after I hated the color yellow
  2. Next time don't get caught (as opposed to other friends that learned "take the deal") 
Of course, those are not the lessons I will impart to my children. 

One day I may be sharing this with my younger children - my adult child may even read this in surprise today. 

What is one of your "been there done that" stories that you will  or have shared with your child to make a point? 

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